The Center organizes Business Development Conferences in the Southwest Region to connect business leaders with information on business climate, economic trends and forecasts, upcoming projects and opportunities.

Each Conference is designed to meet the needs of one or more of the following industry clusters; i.e. Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, Construction, Information Technology, Utilities, Hospitality, Energy, National Parks, Recreation, Military, Security, Transportation.

The Center’s Conferences provide a continuous outreach channel for diversity businesses – manufacturers, distributors, service providers, vendors and suppliers to connect with Federal, State, County, City, local governments, Healthcare Providers, Universities and other procurement agencies as well as prime government contractors in need of products and services provided by qualified diversity business enterprises.


For nearly a decade, the Center has been an effective catalyst that develops strategic business relationships between private and public stakeholders to identify, secure and administer Federal and/or Private Foundation grant funding and/or contracts to address business development, workforce and education initiatives.


The Center organizes professional development conferences and workshops designed for Educators, Healthcare Providers, Public Safety Officials and others to advance their professional skills and certifications.

The conferences provide a forum for industry thought leaders, researchers and practitioners to present new findings and best practices as essential knowledge, skills and dispositions to improve student learning.